Going Dutch

So back from the jaunt to Holland two weeks now and the cat adoption is steaming ahead. I did mention that this blog was in the spirit of saying yes and doing things undone, well bringing in a cat from Holland must count. Now getting a pet passport is not straightforward but can be achieved if you follow the instructions. That said it ain’t cheap! Rabies jabs, chipping and blood tests flea and worm treatments and a seven month wait however we believe Tippi is worth it. Our friends breed Burmese and Siamese but, no, the Tipster is a common or garden moggy.
Off the topic of cats let me state that Amsterdam is not Holland. A week in the deepest countryside will reassure you of that. Bramble picking and cycling, cobbled streets and strange wooden bird shooting festival days complete with oompah band music and local, additional school holidays. There’s antique cars and plain old antiques and a ferry ‘cross the Ijssel and the Dickens Museum. Let me tell you there’s excellent apple pie to be had at the Golden Lion pub in Bronkhorst and well worth the walk. It’s a part of the land where the storks come to nest. There are walled cities like Zutphen and tiny oddities like the Stone World rock/crystal museum in Borne. People get out of the city and discover the country…if you can escape from the metropolis that is Schipol.
Back in the ‘Dam you do the things you do. There was an exhibition “Horengracht” (Whore’s Canal a play on Herengracht one of Amsterdam’s more affluent addresses) at the Historical Museum. It posed the question who is watching whom? Sitting in the centre of a projection display you saw the faces of the punters as they bang on the window asking “How much?” before trying the door. Perhaps the myth of the happy whore is true, perhaps not but who am I to judge. A bar is a bar unless it’s the Hoppe which is about the oldest pub in town and about a half a minute from the Begijnhof itself a reminder of the religious conflicts of Dutch history.
Sounds very deep and philosophical for a holiday? Not so more a random reflection on the similarities and differences that so often pass us by when we take things at face value or as ‘common knowledge’.


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