Playing Around

No posts for months then two come along at once. I’ve been thinking a lot about games lately. Mostly for a work project but some of it about us two. We are both self confessed game geeks. We play everyday.
Sometimes it’s online social things like Foursquare or something on Facebook but we play old fashioned board games too. (I just acquired Tomb Raider Dark Angel in good old cardboard!)
Thinking about it I know that our shared and disparate histories have both included play schemes and work with children and adults that has included games and moments of silliness. Yay! What I do know is that games make us grow. A small child that learns to lose graciously (or an adult for that matter) becomes someone nicer to know. So next time you have friends around you play something. Cards, I spy, play station, charades it doesn’t matter make something up but play. You’ll feel better I promise.

I decided to add a games blog. Hope you’ll take a look.



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