I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in Plymouth, Devon UK. I’m here for work and for one night only. This room is bigger than the ‘studio apartment’ that we shared for our almost a week in Paris. it is soulless. clean, tidy has all I could want including web access I have to pay for. In Paris we had a room smaller than this but with the addition of a cupboard you could cook in. (Please read kitchenette) I expect the company I’m working for today paid as much for this as we did in Paris. Agreed one does not step over the sleeping homeless as one walks in the shiny, shiny doors here but it has no soul.
Please do not misunderstand me. Paris smells like a gents loo 90% of the time and despite our best efforts out French was rejected with a look that said “actually your accent is so terrible we are gonna pretend you never even tried that your tongue is not worthy to utter single French syllable.” It is also very beautiful in places. Very run down in others. Some people, it seems, cannon get enough whilst others sweep through in search of a romance which you have to bring with you….ceilings are the same the world over people.
when I return home I will tell you all about our recent European jaunt but for now I leave you with a slightly yellow breeze blowing in off the Seine and arabic spoken through an open window.


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