The Cut

An old fashioned term for the canal. We went for a little stroll along the Leeds Liverpool between Lathom and Newburgh this morning with 90 or so close friends. The parish council annual walking festival complete with historical talk from Mr Draper.


The scout camp at Tawd Vale still has a tree planted by BP himself in the 1930s but also the tradesman’s entrance to the Lathom
Estate. The old gate is overgrown with ivy now and the gamekeepers lodge long gone but the track which lead to the WWI horse training station is still there though the railhead which brought the horses from Skelmersdale station.


On to Lathom Park past the once heated walls of the peachery and the pleasure gardens. Only the west wing remains with the main house pulled down by the farmer who bought it and the East wing taken down by Pilkingtons For their R&D site. The ‘ladies’ of the Lathom Chapel almshouses did tea and cakes.


The chapel itself was once a chantery where the Earl employed bead men to say prayers for him for all the (terrible) things he did at Bosworth. This estate was the court of the North. Winterfell if you will. Bigger that the Tower of London in its day. The ‘new’ West wing and the chapel are all that remain and the west wing is now luxury flats. Et in Arcadia ego.


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