At last…


Anyone who was in Liverpool city centre on Saturday afternoon will have seen a strange little parade as we made our way, followed by our friends and family, from St George’s Hall to the restaurant for our wedding breakfast. The deed has been done. Judging by comments made on our official photographer’s sneaky, one shot, upload the suit made as much of an impression as the dress.
Staying in a hotel in your ‘home’ city is an unusual experience. Part mini moon, part hiding, we checked in the day before just to relax. Cannot thank the staff at Z Hotel enough. Some mad woman called them in a panic a few weeks back as every hotel in Liverpool booked up and the web page kept throwing me out. They took the booking and, true to their word, came up with something special for our wedding. We had the best room in the place with views across the city to the Liver Building and the old town.


Morning saw us both awake at stupid o’clock. Breakfast, then I waited when she went for hair and make up. The view was fantastic but made all the more pleasing as I watched a familiar figure make her way back to the hotel fully coiffed. I zipped her into her gown and off we went in a taxi. Hey, you wanted a Rolls, follow a WAG.
Our photographer (Facebook jazaminsinclair) was waiting looking as nervous as I felt! I’m looking forward to seeing the official pics in due course, there must be 100s.
Family and friends from all over the UK, Spain and Holland almost all made it on time. (Hey, there’s always one) the ushers corralled them while we went for that serious talk with the registrar.
I’m convinced the ceremony took about five seconds or a minute max and culminated with me bursting into tears and barely able to get my vows out. Our beautiful two year old godson did the ring bearer thing perfectly. Our late arrival read completely unflustered and of course I finally had the chance to say the words “You’re my wife now Dave.”




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