Summer’s almost gone

Summer’s almost gone. Its been a busy one for the two of us. We took some time out to go somewhere we’d always wanted to go, Cambridge Folk Festival. A wonderful place despite being very white and middle class. You know you’re at Cambridge when they play the Archers over the PA on a Sunday morning. I could list the bands but that would be pointless. The link takes you to the programme and I’ll add some pictures for you.

Cambridge Folk Festival 2014


Completely brilliant to be there with friends and my lovely wife. So much excellent music and (generally) very lovely strangers. We behaved like total star tarts and joined the queues to grab an autograph or a master class where we could. To be honest we didn’t see the headline acts for the most part but did manage to snag a front row spot for the ‘mystery guest’ which turned out to be Kate Rusby aka English folk royalty. Out B&B was full of festival goers as was much of Cambridge. At this point I want to say, I love chairs and benches of all kinds and missed them like crazy all weekend. you know you need to sit down when you sneak put to the pub for a sit rather than a drink. FYI there were a few benches but most people brought picnic stuff. So very, British.




Arriving home I received a phone call. Congratulations you have won a private view at the Royal Academy of Arts! Be there next weekend, bring a guest. Ok, now how do we get to London and find a place to stay when we just spent up on albums and penny whistles? Nah, it comes out of the savings what the hell. Shout out to my Facebook friends and we were offered a place for the night. (Thank you, you know who you are).



No pictures allowed in side the Royal Academy but some amazing stuff from prints to architectural models and sculpture. Curated by Cornelia Parker, with exhibits from Tracy Emin, Thomas Heatherwick and Bob and Roberta Smith absolutely stunning but nothing in my price range (though I have to say prices started low but had sold out by the time we got there). My favourite was a sculptural comment on fat cats on the Afro Chinese axis. A figure in Nigerian print clothes with a stock market globe for a head and balancing toppling cakes on its back.

The train proved more difficult. This was the weekend they closed Watford Junction to upgrade the West Coast mainline. Not a through-train home could be had. A little lateral thinking brought us a two train journey with a ‘lunch break’ in Birmingham….it took over two hours from Euston to Birmingham. All credit to the Virgin Trains team who looked after use very well with free tea and coffee and regular updates. We decided to treat it as an adventure, and it was fun to see Euston so empty. It reminded me of the dance routine at the end of Slumdog Millionaire. There was plenty of legroom on the train too.

A bit of shameless self promotion then. You might want to check out my other blog. Its about games and nothing to do with our two step.


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