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This is a friend of mine with a story you need to read


First of all just to say that none of this is for attention or sympathy. At 17 I’ve realised how little support there is for girls like me going through fertility problems at such a young age, especially when children aren’t your main priority in life. I just wanted to share my story.

I’ve always struggled with my ‘time of the month’. From starting age 8 it’s never been easy, despite frequent trips to the doctors everything was bypassed because of my age and we were told to be on our way. At 15 and in the middle of exams I got appendicitis, nightmare! While removing my appendix in alder hey they found a severe womb infection, this was completely stripped leaving the walls of my womb scarred and damaged. At this point it was all new to me, I was told there would be further investigation but nothing serious…

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